1940's grandma librarian

If you asked me to describe my current style, I'd probably say "1940's grandma librarian." So here's me shivering in my favorite silk blouse and looking unapologetically old-fashioned. And I couldn't resist sporting Christmas colors! As anxious as the holiday shopping crowds make me, I do love this time of year.

Outfit details:
1940's silk blouse and pencil skirt via Hey Betty!
Golden ponies heels


  1. I know exactly what you mean. The colder it gets the more grandma-ish I get.. also those heels are a dream!

  2. What a wonderful outfit! You look so very classy. I love that you wore Christmas colors, too :)

  3. Oh man. That blouse is absolutely gorgeous. The length of the skirt is totally perfect for 40s librarian too. :D


  4. This is really cool! The long skirt makes me think of the later episodes of Road to Avonlea when the skirts got a little shorter, haha. And you got some Golden Ponies shoes! They are so cute...I've been thinking of ordering a pair.