Presenting... kicky feet vintage!

I promise that I will eventually get back into outfit photos, but until then, I'm pretty darn excited to announce that I've opened a vintage shop on etsy! My only real rule for my shop was that I had to absolutely love every single piece in there. So every time I found something amazing at an estate sale or antique fair that wasn't my size, I scooped it up and squirreled it away. I've only listed five items to start, but I hope to continue adding inventory and improving my photography over the next few months. Woo! Feel free to go have a look, and if it's any incentive, I do have lots of extras I plan on including in the packages...


Mona Lisa smile

I've recently started a small collection of old photos. I stumble across boxes and boxes of them at flea markets and antique stores, but I always feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pictures and generally don't take any home. Then, a few weeks ago, the girl in the photo above caught my eye while I was browsing the antique loft at a local farm. I don't know what about her touched me so, but I bought the picture without a second thought. A few weeks later, I came across the bespectacled lady below and was equally smitten. It was only when I laid them both on my dresser at home that I realized they have exactly the same mysterious Mona Lisa sort of smile.