Knit the Bridge

Earlier this month, a group of 1,900 (!!) volunteers from Pittsburgh and the surrounding area covered the Andy Warhol/7th Street Bridge with 508 knitted, crocheted, and woven blankets. I heard about the project, called Knit the Bridge, a few months ago, and I checked out the finished installation yesterday. It is gorgeous, especially lit by the late afternoon sun, and I couldn't be more excited to see community arts initiatives taking place here in Pittsburgh. So awesome.

Outfit details:
1940's wrap dress via Lawrence
Coach belt
1980's oxfords purchased at an estate sale


Fiberart International

In the two-and-a-half months since my previous post, I finished my last semester at the University of Pittsburgh and graduated with an MLIS in Archives, Preservation, and Records Management. (Woo!) My dance teaching job starts up again in September, but I'd love to find an archives-related part-time gig as well. We'll see how it goes.

Yesterday I went to the Fiberart International exhibition at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Unsurprisingly, my favorite artworks incorporated vintage textiles. For her piece Love Letters, Roslyn Ritter embroidered her mother's wedding dress with excerpts from love letters written by Ritter's father. And Samantha Fields' She Speaks Folly in a Thousand Holy Ways consists of a vintage afghan dripping with heavy, dimensional beading. There are a couple more great art exhibitions coming up in the next few months (like the 2013 Carnegie International and Chiharu Shiota's show at the Mattress Factory), and I'm looking forward to enjoying them without grad school deadlines hanging over my head.

Roslyn Ritter, Love Letters, 2011.

Detail of Ritter's Love Letters.

Samantha Fields, She Speaks Folly in a Thousand Holy Ways, 2011.

My sister, Amy, in front of Scott Hunter's Untitled, 2013. The painting was part of the 30 : 2 exhibition, also on display at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.