In which I stress about grad school

I'm sorry for my long absence, but I promise you haven't missed much! I've spent the past month or so applying for grad school, compulsively checking and re-checking the status of my online applications, and worrying, endlessly worrying. It probably didn't help that I turned 25 at the end of January, sending me into a spiral of "OMG I'm old and a failure and I'll never do anything with my liiife." (I'm never melodramatic, guys, never.) It's a good thing that seashell-printed 1940's dresses and Victorian mourning jewelry distract me as spectacularly as they do. And once I learn whether or not I've been accepted, you'll definitely know, because I'll be screaming about it in caps lock over on twitter.

Outfit details:
1940's dress via Salvage Life
J.Crew cardigan and tights
Coach belt
Golden Ponies heels
Fieldguided tote
Victorian mourning necklace via The Deeps