Frog on my toe

See that little frog? I was at Phipps Conservatory yesterday when my mom spotted him on a door frame. My sister and I came over to look, and like any blogger worth her salt, I pulled out my camera and started taking photos. I'm guessing the frog didn't like having a camera lens inches away from his face, because after a few minutes, he jumped right in my direction. A normal person probably would have remained relatively calm... But I shrieked. Shrieked. And started flapping my arms like a bird trying to fly. In hindsight, it actually would've been pretty cool if the frog had landed on my dress. (Think of the photos! exclaims blogger-Christy.) But he passed me by, clearly realizing that he was dealing with a lunatic.

Moral of the story: I am incredibly awkward in real life. And easily startled, apparently.

Outfit details:
Vintage dress via ebay
1930's bracelet via Red Boot Antiques in Monongahela, PA
Coach belt
Thrifted heels
Forestbound tote (It was made using canvas from a WWII era Swiss Army Mountain Tent!)

And "Frog on my Toe" is a Tori Amos song that's worth a listen. Silly, sad, and nostalgic all at once.


1940's grandma librarian

If you asked me to describe my current style, I'd probably say "1940's grandma librarian." So here's me shivering in my favorite silk blouse and looking unapologetically old-fashioned. And I couldn't resist sporting Christmas colors! As anxious as the holiday shopping crowds make me, I do love this time of year.

Outfit details:
1940's silk blouse and pencil skirt via Hey Betty!
Golden ponies heels


Agnes Thor for The Loved One

Have you seen The Loved One's gorgeous new photo album shot by Agnes Thor? The photos perfectly capture the magic of winter. Plus, they remind me of my go-to winter song, "River" by Joni Mitchell. Oh, I wish I had a river I could skate away on.

P.S. I apologize for the lack of outfit posts around here lately! My work schedule makes catching the light tricky, and to be honest, I just haven't felt like stepping in front of the camera. I think the phase is passing, though, so it shouldn't be long before you see me on the ol' blog again.


Inspiration: At the museum

For the past few months, I've been accumulating photographs of museum-goers. My job as a gallery attendant (and the extensive people-watching that comes with it) has given me a new appreciation for museums. It's strangely fascinating how they draw in all sorts of people--young couples on dates, families with little kids, sports fans trying to kill time before the game--who move about the galleries separately, each secure in their own worlds, rarely talking to anyone else.

Untitled by fabrizio mingarelli

Untitled by Sabino (via Audrey Hepburn Complex)

MOMA, 1949 (via Vintage Bobbin)

Untitled by weepy hollow (via Miss Moss)

DressCode Magazine 09/10 by lazareva valeria

lion heart vintage: lion heart + art.

via Where The Lovely Things Are


Things change, my dear

Untitled by craig schlewitz

When I was in college, my laptop crashed, and I lost everything on it. My entire iTunes library, all my undergraduate papers, stories and poems in various states of completion... At first, I was devastated. Absolutely freaking horrified. But then my feelings evolved into something I couldn't quite put my finger on until one day I realized I was relieved. Over the years, I've learned that I love a "clean slate." Change is comforting to me; it helps me feel that I'm moving forward.

That's why I decided to revamp this blog. I changed up the layout, and I "archived" all my old posts. (I didn't delete them! Even I wasn't willing to go quite that far.) My goals for this space have changed since I started it back in May 2010. I still plan to document my outfits, but I'd love to include more inspiration posts. I really want my blog to be a reflection of myself.

So. Thank you to everyone who has followed along with me this past year and a half. The comments you've left have meant more to me than I should probably admit. It's so easy to dismiss style as superficial, frivolous. But codifying my personal style has played a surprisingly important role in helping me learn who I am. Long story short, you guys are awesome. I hope you'll continue following along.