Surprise estate sale

I hadn't planned on posting today, but this morning my sister and I got a phone call about an estate sale with vintage clothing from the 20's and 30's. (Of course we dropped everything and made our way over there!) The sale was run by the late woman's daughter, who told us that her mom was an antique dealer with a soft spot for vintage clothing. While she had an amazing clothing collection, with Victorian blouses, Edwardian underthings, and 20's shift dresses, my sister and I found a lot of accessories and housewares as well.

The best part about the sale was talking with the family. Sometimes family-run estate sales can be a little bit sad and uncomfortable, but the folks at this sale were so joyful and excited to encounter two girls who love vintage as much as my sister and I do. When I got back to my apartment, I snapped a few photos of our purchases, and I wanted to post about them with the sale still fresh in my mind.

A 1950's green velvet fascinator, a floral papier mache tray, two 1920's photographs, a 1920's crocheted handbag, a leather wallet from the early 20th century, and a pile of vintage hankies.

A closeup of the 1950's fascinator.

An Edwardian step-in that I couldn't leave behind in spite of a few stains and pinholes! I also bought a slip dress from the same era, and both will be getting a good soak once I finish up all my end-of-the-semester schoolwork.

I didn't even take photos of everything I came home with; there's also a 1940's rayon blouse and skirt set, a pair of 1920's heels, two vintage picture frames, and an old advertisement for a hat shop! I still feel a little high on vintage, and hopefully, I can redirect that excitement into all the final papers I've yet to write... I may be a bit scarce over the next few weeks, but I hope to be back soon with more photos and maybe even an outfit post in that 40's blouse and skirt.