I've been acquiring lots of small curiosities at antique fairs and estate sales and on the Internet lately. These sorts of things rarely make it into outfit photos, so I thought I might post a series of "bits"--jewelry, photos, ephemera, and objects I've picked up for my new apartment.

Above photo: A World's Fair bracelet purchased at the Washington Antiques Fair from the nicest old lady.

Several Victorian-era calling cards also purchased at the Washington Antiques Fair. These are my new favorite; I love how small and charming they are.

Probably the best vintage photo I've encountered. A 1920's ballerina dressed in the most perfect flower costume. I definitely overpaid for this on ebay (auction-induced hysteria?), but I love it way too much to care.


A day at the museum

I went into the city today to see the new Impressionist exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art. It was a really beautiful show--with Japanese-inspired prints by Mary Cassatt, keyhole nudes by Degas, and paintings by all the usual suspects, like Monet and Renoir. But my favorite pieces were definitely the turn-of-the-century photographs--all hazy nudes and moody portraits. I'd read about Julia Margaret Cameron, but most of the other photographers were new to me. I need to hunt down a good book about early photography so I can make a proper post about it. Art history buffs, feel free to comment with any suggestions!

Outfit details:
Motionwear leotard
1970's skirt via adorevintage
Victorian locket via ebay
Coach belt
golden ponies heels


Tasty Saturday

My favorite part of today was eating a hot dog at a Victorian ice cream parlor near my house. My sister's favorite part was finding an amazing ruffled 20's/30's dress at an antique shop. (We reluctantly left it behind because it was really more of a scrap--ripped and discolored and missing rhinestones on the belt buckle.) And my mom's favorite part was eating a strawberry sundae at a local farm.

Now that's a Saturday I can get behind.

See, guys? Delicious!

Outfit details:
1950's dress via an estate sale
Coach belt
Baker's flats



There are two fantastic multi-dealer antique stores a few minutes from my house, and my sister and I visit frequently. A couple weeks ago, we discovered that a new vintage clothing seller had taken up residence in one of the stores, and just yesterday, we realized that the seller is actually a pair of vintage-loving sisters. I don't know about you, but I'm usually more likely to buy vintage from someone with a story (a blogger I love, a lady selling an old dress of her mother's, etc.), and a pair of vintage sisters definitely fits the bill.

I found this 60's shirtwaist dress in their booth yesterday. I have to wear black for my gallery attendant job at the art museum, and this seemed perfect; it's simple and classic, but the embroidery on the chest makes it a bit special.

As for non-vintage goings-on, I'm busy preparing for my dance studio's recital (and biting my nails worrying about how my little ones will do onstage). I signed the lease for an apartment in the city and will be starting grad school this August! (I'm going for my Master's in Library and Information Science, specializing in Archives, Preservation, and Records Management... a mouthful, I know.) Other than that, life has been art museum work, estate sale success (I need to post some of the stuff I've found), and yoga classes. Not too shabby, I'd say.

Outfit details:
1960's shirtwaist dress
Coach belt
J.Crew ballet flats