Frog on my toe

See that little frog? I was at Phipps Conservatory yesterday when my mom spotted him on a door frame. My sister and I came over to look, and like any blogger worth her salt, I pulled out my camera and started taking photos. I'm guessing the frog didn't like having a camera lens inches away from his face, because after a few minutes, he jumped right in my direction. A normal person probably would have remained relatively calm... But I shrieked. Shrieked. And started flapping my arms like a bird trying to fly. In hindsight, it actually would've been pretty cool if the frog had landed on my dress. (Think of the photos! exclaims blogger-Christy.) But he passed me by, clearly realizing that he was dealing with a lunatic.

Moral of the story: I am incredibly awkward in real life. And easily startled, apparently.

Outfit details:
Vintage dress via ebay
1930's bracelet via Red Boot Antiques in Monongahela, PA
Coach belt
Thrifted heels
Forestbound tote (It was made using canvas from a WWII era Swiss Army Mountain Tent!)

And "Frog on my Toe" is a Tori Amos song that's worth a listen. Silly, sad, and nostalgic all at once.


  1. Hahaha, oh my goodness. I can certainly relate to awkward reactions to things. And thinking having "blog brain" about photo opportunities and such. That dress is beautiful, and I love the color of your tights :)

  2. What a great bracelet, and I've never said great frog on a blog comment, but great frog!

  3. Ohh, your dress is truly amazing! <3 and what a lucky little frog!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  4. love your tee strap shoes, so precious! also the toad!