Love letter to Squirrel Hill

My sister and I were on our way to Starbucks when we spotted these hydrangeas along our street. We immediately went back to our apartment for my camera (we're ridiculous like that), then spent a few minutes taking photos. And it's a good thing we did, because a day or so later, a heavy rainstorm left the flowers looking pretty sad.

I guess you might consider this post the first in a series of "love letters" to Squirrel Hill, the Pittsburgh neighborhood where I currently live. It's a quiet section of the city filled with coffee and tea shops, bakeries, charming old buildings, and, apparently, outrageously stunning hydrangeas.

What do you like best about where you live?


  1. I have some of these in my yard and I love when the scent wafts up to our living room and such. Mmm!
    I think what I like about where I live is that I have somewhere to call home in general.

  2. Hobart St., right? Beautiful photos, nice blog. If you want to get more involved with Sq. Hill, the Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition is always looking for new members. http://www.shuc.org/

  3. I'm actually in shock about how pretty these are. My cousin got married a few years ago, and I remember overhearing a conversation with her mother about buying hydrangeas for the centerpieces- which turned into an extremely expensive venture. Beyond the fact that you're living near a gold mine, it looks just beautiful.

  4. Wow these look so pretty, I love hydrangeas, it sound like a lovely neighbourhood.
    Right now it's awfully hot where I live so I can't even think of one nice thing to say about it ;)

  5. Hi! Thanks for following me on twitter! These are beautiful! ! love hydrangeas - especially the crazy blue ones like these. We have some in front of our house that were blue last year but came back purple this year.

  6. I just found your blog and was looking at your fashion posts... then I saw this! I was surprised! I am from outside of Pittsburgh! I have since moved to Athens, Georgia. The thing I love about where I live now is this great park called Bear Hollow. It has rescued animals and a pond. It is nice to visit any time of the year.

    My favorite things in Squirrel Hill is Jerry's Records!