Japan, part two: tokyo

Round two of my Japan photos includes bits of my one-week stay in Tokyo. The city was a strange mix of overwhelming and quaint, with 7-story mall complexes right next to tiny Shinto shrines. My favorite parts of Tokyo were small and unexpected--a failed search for a flea market that led us to a street festival, a tea house nestled in the back of a florist, a pop-up shop run by Japanese women who make lace...

An incense burner (joukoro) in front of a shrine in Ueno Park.

Japanese macaques in Ueno Zoo.

A 17th century pagoda that stands in the grounds of Ueno Zoo.

Random cuteness in the Ikebukuro District.

Mint tea at the Aoyama Flower Market Tea House.

The Best French Toast Ever Made.

Inside a hot springs resort in Odaiba.

Foot spa that turned out to be less than relaxing thanks to the surprisingly sharp stones we had to walk on. Also a peek at the beautiful fan-printed yukata I got to wear.

One of many public parks on the grounds of the Imperial Palace.

The epicenter of Tokyo teen fashion and culture. Japanese street style is pretty wonderful. The shop girls in particular had amazing stuff going on, but I was too shy to ask for any of their photos.

Dream vintage shop in the Harajuku District filled with antique petticoats, blouses, and dresses like this one in the front window.

Dancers at a street festival my brother and I stumbled upon.


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