Betty Hart

A few years ago, Anja of Clever Nettle wrote a post about the estate sale of a professional ballerina from Anna Pavlova's era. I remember poring over the photos Anja posted, and I even bought one of the blouses she picked up at the sale. I've always hoped that eventually an estate sale like that one would happen here in Pittsburgh, and while the one I attended over the weekend isn't quite there, it's awfully close.

I'm not sure about the particulars of the woman who lived in the house, but the listing promised "opera costumes," and I did find old pointe shoes and ballet costumes, so I can only assume that the woman was a performer of some kind. My sister and I walked away from the sale with a pile of items--ranging from a 50's party dress with a sage green chiffon skirt to a velvet swing coat with the owner's name (Betty Hart) penned inside the collar. We even went back the second day and nabbed two more 40's-era blouses and a pink velvet bow belt.

The rest of the items we bought at the sale, including a straw-stuffed panda who is currently spending a few days in the freezer and a 60's dress with an undone hem, will likely make their way onto the blog soon enough. They just need a little work first.


  1. I'm glad you girls had some luck too! That sale was so much fun. And oh man I wish I could have gone to the ballerina sale. I'm drooling.

    Good luck if you go out tomorrow. I'm sleeping in this week:)