Moulin Rouge

My sister and I celebrated Valentine's Day by going to see the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's production of Moulin Rouge. (The plot was not based on the 2001 Baz Luhrmann film, by the way.) When I was little, my dad and I were season ticket holders, but I haven't gone to the ballet regularly since I was in middle school. Even though I tend to be hyper-critical of dance performances, there was a lot to love about Moulin Rouge, like the costumes (the launderettes were basically dressed in Edwardian underpinnings) and the music (songs like "Clair de Lune" and "La Vie en Rose" are cliche, I guess, but I adore them anyway). Plus, for me, going to the ballet has always been a form of escapism, and it was nice to put aside grad school stress for the evening.

I thought this 1940's dress, with its red polka dots and ruffled sleeves, was a good marriage of Valentine's Day enthusiast and can-can dancer. And though I felt completely mortified taking pictures with all those people around, I eventually ended up with a shot I liked.

I also took a picture of the Benedum Center's epic chandelier, which both fascinated and terrified me as a child, because it reminded me of that scene in Anastasia where the chandelier comes crashing down in the middle of the ballroom. (Please tell me someone else remembers that movie; it was one of my favorites!)

Outfit details:
1940's dress via Dear Golden
Coach belt
Nine West heels


  1. You look absolutely beautiful! I went to the ballet for the first time recently since I was a child too and had such a great time. As for Anastasia - I assusme we are talking the disney cartoon, which yes I loved!!! (though my favourite disney movie was Robin Hood...with the foxes *adorable*). My daughters now love Anastasia as well.

  2. Ohh yes! The red and white is very Valentines Day indeed and your black stockings and heels very Can Can dancer! I love the ballet too but where I live we have few theatres and the ballet only comes to town every few years. However I am looking forward to going to the ballet at the Bolshoy in Moscow later this year, I want to get tickets to as many shows as I can :D

  3. what a wonderful dress, you look great!

  4. You look so lovely for a ballet outing! I love going to the ballet too - it's such an elegant form of escapism.

  5. Oh how beautiful that must have been (the moulin rouge ballet) . . Clair De Lune is my favorite Classical song EVER.