Ballerinas and backward hats

This dress is one of several I've purchased--on multiple occasions--from a woman who is slowly clearing out her late mother's things. This particular dress may be my favorite because of its wonderful print--menus, makeup compacts, fans, and ballet programs! Although, there's also a dress printed with roses and swirls that brings the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast to mind; that one's pretty great, too.

I know very little about vintage hats, so I'm not quite sure what period this one is from. 1940's maybe? I'm also nearly 100% positive that I'm wearing it backward, but it looked completely terrible the other way around! Can I just say that I'm "modernizing" it?

Outfit details:
1940's dress purchased at Trax Farms Indoor Flea Market
Vintage (1930's? 1940's?) hat purchased at an estate sale
Coach belt
1940's heels via GingerRootVintage


  1. Amazing print! I adore 40s and 50s novelty prints :-) xxx

  2. That dress is an absolute treasure, and it fits you perfectly.

    <3 jen @ librarian tells all

  3. what a cute outfit, I love the print of that dress, and the hat suits you beautifully!

  4. i love the print on your dress, how lucky that you're just her mother's size and that she had such a great collection of dresses!


  5. I love your outfit! :) Just followed ^^


  6. Great print! Such a treat. And the hat looks like it's supposed to be worn that way.

  7. sooo pretty! this is gonna make me start a mad 40s dress ebay hunt again haha