On accessories

When it comes to getting dressed, I'm really not that big on accessories. I think I'm just more inclined to spend money on a really special vintage dress or a skirt that makes a strong enough statement on its own. However, these two pieces, a Gladstone bag from the early 20th century and a pocket knife pendant from the 60's, are the sorts of accessories I can get behind. I like that they're a little bit feminine and a little bit masculine. The bag's curvy lines are tempered by worn-in leather, and the daintiness of the necklace belies the fact that it's a weapon (well, sort of; the blade is completely blunt). Accessories like these are first and foremost incredible objects, and that's why I love them so much.


  1. Im the same way when it come to accessories, I like to spend my money on dresses and I actually prefer the simplicity of it. Although I love a good handbag and rings I love rings.
    I really like the handbag, its has that worn in feel and it looks so simple, perfect I say :)

  2. LOVE the vintage handbag Christy! I feel very much the same about accessories, particularly jewellery. Sometimes I think I should get into wearing more, but most of the time I fall back on bold, graphic clothing choices to carry my message. Still, it's good to have a uniform sometimes.

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