Off-duty circus girl

A few weeks ago I jokingly told my sister that I just want to dress like a girl wandering sadly through an abandoned carnival during the 1930's or 40's. I don't have a concrete reference for that comment--just vague thoughts of dust bowl feedsack dresses, striped skirts whipping in the breeze, and messy curls. In any case, my next few outfit posts will all be in that particular vein. Paired with a dance leotard, this satin and nylon striped skirt seems like the sort of thing that an off-duty circus girl would wear. Perfect for wandering through a park on the way to my internship this week.

Outfit details:
Dance leotard
1940's skirt via Allen Co.
H&M flats


  1. How lovely!! I am often struck with this same desire... I have a plethora of striped dresses and skirts as a result. =] Can't wait to see the rest of your "abandoned carnival" outfits!

  2. love it! you are so unique it's awesome.