Old lady clothes

I figured that I wouldn't have a whole lot of time to blog during the last few weeks of the spring semester, but I had no idea that I'd abandon this blog for an entire month. Sorry about that!

I've been enjoying the three-week break between the spring and summer semesters. Last Thursday I went to an estate sale that I wouldn't have been able to visit during the school year, and I found a pile of amazing stuff--a pink rayon 40's dress, an Edwardian slip and blouse, a gorgeous 20's step-in, etc. My sister and I have also made a huge dent in our washing/mending pile, and I started listing things in my etsy shop again. Now, I just need to squeeze in a few outfit posts.

First up is this 40's skirt I purchased at the estate sale I wrote about in my previous post. The woman who passed away was an antique dealer, so most of the items I picked up at the sale were stock for her shop. However, this skirt came from her own closet, and for that reason, I think it's pretty special. I love the graphic print and the gathered detail on the back. Plus, this outfit strikes me as something a fabulous 90-year-old woman would wear, so I'm deeming it a success!

Outfit details:
Urban Outfitters blouse
1940's skirt purchased at an estate sale
Seychelles heels
Early 20th century Gladstone bag


  1. I love the draping at the back of this skirt! It's really pretty. And it looks very nice with your Gladstone bag and shoes too. It sounds like you've had a lot of luck in finding treasures recently... I'm looking forward to seeing more of them!

  2. this skirt is amazing, I too feel some *cough* most of my wardrobe was probably intended for an older lady haha! It looks stunning with that blouse and hand bag. Thanks for the follow and lovely comment :)


  3. so pretty and elegant! LOVE the skirt, the blouse, the bag -everything! old ladies clothes are the best