This dress--a 1940's rayon number with star-shaped studs--is one of my favorite estate sale purchases. Something about the shape, especially paired with slightly ugly, chunky sandals, looks really modern to me. It came from a house that felt damp the moment I walked through the door. Most of the other dresses were literally rotten, but this one only had a few spots of rust on the studs and a little surface dirt.

It's starting to feel more like Fall here in Pittsburgh, especially with morning temperatures in the 40's. Dance classes are in full swing, and my muscles are screaming, so I tried to take it easy today, icing my ankle, sipping hot chocolate, and indulging in some terrible daytime television.

Outfit details:
1940's dress purchased at an estate sale
Coach belt
Madewell heels


  1. Beautiful dress, and I really love it paired with those heels. Looks great!

  2. Such a pretty dress - I love the cut of it and the beautiful sequin detail. I've never been to an estate sale but I'd imagine it'd be fascinating - like a brief storybook of someone's life and all the bits and pieces that occupied it. Part of why I love vintage clothes so much is that sense of the story that lies behind the garment and getting to add another chapter to it :)

  3. That's such a great find, I love the shape and how you paired it with the heels too.

    Looking forward to Fall myself, but we still have a few more weeks of summer left here in Barcelona...