On new jobs and girls of the woods

This is the outfit I plan on wearing tomorrow for the first day of my new job. I'm going to be the House Manager for a local nonprofit community theater. At 26 years old, I already feel so much pressure to have a capital-C Career, but I think for now, this part-time position--in addition to my dance teaching job--feels right. I'm just happy to be working for a really fantastic arts organization.

In an Instagram post, Kater from all this happiness described her outfit as "girl of the woods goes to the mall," and I feel like that's the direction I'm headed in these days. Cable knit sweaters, well-worn boots, oversized button-downs, and lots of rich, earthy colors.

Outfit details:
Thrifted sweater (borrowed from my sister)
Vintage velvet skirt purchased at a church rummage sale
Bass Outlet boots
Vintage Paris souvenir bracelet purchased at a yard sale
1920's barkcloth tote via Demure Folk


  1. The colour of your skirt is lovely - I can't believe you found it at a rummage sale! Good luck with starting your new job!