Small Business Saturday

Apart from two brief stops at Anthropologie (where I won a pretty set of ceramic measuring spoons) and Gap (where I buy most of my dance teacher clothes), I tried to avoid this year's Black Friday crowds. Instead, I visited a few local antique shops, and today, I went to Butler Street in Lawrenceville for Small Business Saturday.

I was determined to take outfit photos in spite of the cold. While I really wanted to wear a rayon 40's dress (a brown and teal polka dotted one in particular), this cozy, layered get-up seemed a little more appropriate. You'd think I'd be used to the cold after spending so many Saturday mornings standing outside in estate sale lines, but apparently, I'm not. Just look how pink my hands are!

Lastly, I have lots of new findings to share with you guys: a 1950's sailor-inspired playsuit that I'm slowly bringing back to life, a perfectly worn-in pair of bowling shoes from the 1940's, loads of great dresses for the shop... Stay tuned!

Outfit details:
J.Crew men's chambray shirt
J.Crew men's cardigan
1950's wool skirt via Hey Betty! (a local vintage shop)
J.Crew belt
Bass Outlet boots
L.L.Bean camp socks


  1. I hope one day I get to see you and Amy's collection of clothing

    1. You really should come visit us in Squirrel Hill sometime! We could have vintage show-and-tell, then hit Eons and Hey Betty on Ellsworth.

  2. i'm really bad with the cold as well, i'm lucky it doesn't snow where i live. and the 50s sailor playsuit sounds amazing!

    little henry lee