Wardrobe staples

My new job at the theater allows me to dress up a little more, as opposed to the dance studio where I wear a less than exciting mix of tank tops and yoga pants from Lululemon and Gap. After finishing grad school, I felt a little strange putting together fancy outfits for the blog when all I really wanted to wear were oversized button-downs and jeans. I still lean towards jeans these days (especially for late evening shifts), but I try to put in a bit more effort every now and again. And I do feel more myself in outfits like this one--all dresses and layers and vintage clothes with history.

I will say that while I love my pretty rayon 40's dresses and vintage wool sweaters, they're such a pain to clean! I'm also getting to a point where my most treasured vintage pieces seem almost too precious to wear, so sturdy cotton dresses like this plaid number quickly become wardrobe staples.

Outfit details:
1950's dress purchased from my friend Amanda
Thrifted H&M striped top
Coach belt
Nine West heels


  1. What a LOVELY dress!!! A job at a theatre?! What do you do?! That sounds so exciting!

  2. The dress is lovely and it looks like it was made to fit you!

  3. I noticed that dress right away. I'm glad you like it. I is a great staple. I really need to update my blog!

  4. Striped tops are such a wonderful staple. I'm planning on wearing one to work tomorrow!

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