I had this ensemble from the Met on my mind when I found this striped blouse on ebay. I don't usually buy reproductions, since what I love most about vintage clothes are their long histories, but I couldn't quite resist the ruffled sleeves and red and white stripes. Plus, the blouse was made using vintage fabric and a vintage pattern, AND it fits into the carnival theme that's been inspiring all my outfits lately, so I'll give it a pass.

Over the weekend, I went to a much-raved-about flea market in Tarentum. I was bummed I didn't have more luck there, but I did snag this clutch embroidered with "Philippines 1945" and the name "Julia." Maybe it was a gift from a woman's boyfriend in the military? Or a honeymoon souvenir? Or something else entirely? Regardless, it charmed me in the way that only pretty, old things can, and it seemed appropriate for it to make its blog debut in front of Phipps Conservatory's beautiful greenhouses.

Outfit details:
1930's reproduction blouse via ebay
1930's skirt purchased at a local antique store
1945 souvenir clutch from the Philippines purchased at a flea market in Tarentum, PA
Coach belt
Seychelles heels


Off-duty circus girl

A few weeks ago I jokingly told my sister that I just want to dress like a girl wandering sadly through an abandoned carnival during the 1930's or 40's. I don't have a concrete reference for that comment--just vague thoughts of dust bowl feedsack dresses, striped skirts whipping in the breeze, and messy curls. In any case, my next few outfit posts will all be in that particular vein. Paired with a dance leotard, this satin and nylon striped skirt seems like the sort of thing that an off-duty circus girl would wear. Perfect for wandering through a park on the way to my internship this week.

Outfit details:
Dance leotard
1940's skirt via Allen Co.
H&M flats


Old lady clothes

I figured that I wouldn't have a whole lot of time to blog during the last few weeks of the spring semester, but I had no idea that I'd abandon this blog for an entire month. Sorry about that!

I've been enjoying the three-week break between the spring and summer semesters. Last Thursday I went to an estate sale that I wouldn't have been able to visit during the school year, and I found a pile of amazing stuff--a pink rayon 40's dress, an Edwardian slip and blouse, a gorgeous 20's step-in, etc. My sister and I have also made a huge dent in our washing/mending pile, and I started listing things in my etsy shop again. Now, I just need to squeeze in a few outfit posts.

First up is this 40's skirt I purchased at the estate sale I wrote about in my previous post. The woman who passed away was an antique dealer, so most of the items I picked up at the sale were stock for her shop. However, this skirt came from her own closet, and for that reason, I think it's pretty special. I love the graphic print and the gathered detail on the back. Plus, this outfit strikes me as something a fabulous 90-year-old woman would wear, so I'm deeming it a success!

Outfit details:
Urban Outfitters blouse
1940's skirt purchased at an estate sale
Seychelles heels
Early 20th century Gladstone bag