A belated Christmas tree post

I know that the holidays are over and that most people have already moved on, but I wanted to share a few favorites from my growing Christmas ornament collection. I've never really bothered to decorate my apartment for the holidays, but this year I decided to acquire some vintage Christmas baubles and a small white Christmas tree. My mom found the tree while I was in Wisconsin visiting my brother. And I've spent the past several weeks picking up the ornaments at estate sales and antique shops and on ebay. All the ornaments pictured below are vintage, except for the owl and narwhal, which my mom sewed for me using patterns from Grainline Studios. And while the tree still looks a little bare, I figure that means future ornament purchases are completely justified.

I've taken to calling this last ornament the "crystal prison," which is a kind of terrifying name that I think I'm remembering from a 90's unicorn board game. Anyway, it's easily one of my favorite ornaments on the tree.


  1. All so extremely cute and unique! I am a fellow vintage bauble addict, you might enjoy my most recent blog post as it catalogues all of my 50s and 60s baubles! www.humanseavintage.com :)