Animal crackers in my soup

I recently purchased 28 Fashion Frocks style cards. Fashion Frocks was a dress manufacturing company located in Cincinnati, Ohio, from 1908 to the 1970's. They sold their dresses door-to-door (Avon style) and gave their salespeople sample cards with illustrations of each dress style accompanied by fabric swatches. The Fashion Frocks cards I purchased are from the early 1940's, and feeling inspired by the gorgeous printed rayons, I decided to toss on this fun elephant dress I got for a tiny sum (in the neighborhood of $20) from Lawrence. It seems that folks who collect vintage have a couple categories they love best--printed cotton 50's dresses, Edwardian whites, or, in my case, printed rayon 30's/40's dresses (along with a few others). In that spirit, I'll be posting scans of those Fashion Frocks cards within the next few days.

Outfit details:
1930's dress via Lawrence
Golden Ponies heels


  1. Are those the things you were telling me to keep an eye out for? I can't wait to see them. I just got back from an estate sale in New Kensington. I met Vince there, going to meet up with him soon to take a look at his stash. The estate sale was good I only got a few things because I didn't have much money on me and gave up a fabulous 30's dress to Vince. Maybe I can buy it back off of him. There were a lot of nice 30's dresses there, which I believe he bought:)

    1. 30's dresses?! Can't believe I missed it! I need pictures and details pronto. ;)

    2. I'll do a blog post about what I got, maybe tonight. I didn't get any of the dresses. I did get a cool yellow skirt suit and jacket. Most of the dresses that were nice were black but very detailed and unique. I kick myself for not bringing enough money!

  2. Lovely dress and what a great find for the price!