Every so often I suffer from vintage burn-out. A customer is unhappy with a dress. Or a pile of garments purchased at an estate sale turn out to be riddled with holes. Or my vintage collection seems lacking compared to the items I "like" on Instagram... Vintage burn-out. Something usually shakes me out of it, and this time, it was the outfit I'm wearing in these photos and--more specifically--a friend's reaction to it. The notion that 100-year-old undergarments can look modern and interesting is so, so great! And the possibility that an outfit might spark someone else's creativity is even better.

Outfit details:
Edwardian blouse purchased at an estate sale
Edwardian skirt purchased at a flea market
J.Crew slip
1950's belt purchased at an estate sale
Madewell heels
Victorian mourning necklace via The Deeps
Antique bracelet purchased at an estate sale


  1. Love it! So pretty dear. I love the hair too. I get vintage burnout too, I think it happens to all of us. How funny is it that we both posted to our neglected blogs on the same night?

  2. I get vintage burnout cause my waist is no longer small enough for all the dresses I loved.... Oh well. But THAT DRESS. Amazing. Absolutely Amazing.

    I really need to get back into the vintage game. It's better for the world! :)

    Sparrow & Urchin