I've been acquiring lots of small curiosities at antique fairs and estate sales and on the Internet lately. These sorts of things rarely make it into outfit photos, so I thought I might post a series of "bits"--jewelry, photos, ephemera, and objects I've picked up for my new apartment.

Above photo: A World's Fair bracelet purchased at the Washington Antiques Fair from the nicest old lady.

Several Victorian-era calling cards also purchased at the Washington Antiques Fair. These are my new favorite; I love how small and charming they are.

Probably the best vintage photo I've encountered. A 1920's ballerina dressed in the most perfect flower costume. I definitely overpaid for this on ebay (auction-induced hysteria?), but I love it way too much to care.


  1. Great finds! That photo is adorable! I would have bought that too. Just remember, it's (probably) the only one in existence. I love collecting vintage postcards.

    Nestled in Nostalgia