A day at the museum

I went into the city today to see the new Impressionist exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art. It was a really beautiful show--with Japanese-inspired prints by Mary Cassatt, keyhole nudes by Degas, and paintings by all the usual suspects, like Monet and Renoir. But my favorite pieces were definitely the turn-of-the-century photographs--all hazy nudes and moody portraits. I'd read about Julia Margaret Cameron, but most of the other photographers were new to me. I need to hunt down a good book about early photography so I can make a proper post about it. Art history buffs, feel free to comment with any suggestions!

Outfit details:
Motionwear leotard
1970's skirt via adorevintage
Victorian locket via ebay
Coach belt
golden ponies heels


  1. I'm not an art history buff alas but I'm definitely an appreciator so this exhibit sounds amazing..looking forward to hearing more about it! And that plaid top you mentioned from the ballet dancer's estate...just seeing it hanging in your wardrobe must make you feel lithe and feminine...it sounds like a definite keeper :) Love your outfit here and think it has a bit of a dancer-like look to it too. The polka dot skirt is gorgeous...I always sigh a little though when a blogger wears something I love and want and then I see it's vintage!!

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  3. I went to an Impressionism exhibit this past weekend too (in Dallas, though). Impressionism is definitely one of my favorite movements in art, and I admittedly got misty-eyed at some of the Renoir, Degas, and Monet paintings. Sadly the exhibit didn't really cover turn-of-the-century photographs, although that sounds amazing. I love Julie Margaret Cameron's work - thanks for sharing~

    catherine of see creatures

  4. Sounds like a fun time! Also, you look gorgeous - that skirt is breathtaking!

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi