Dreamboat dress

It seems that all I want to wear lately are dresses in shades of cream and blush. So when I saw this 1930's dress at a local vintage shop, I purchased it without a second thought! It's a total dreamboat as far as I'm concerned. A perfect silhouette, floral lace, beautiful seams... I had to take a few photos in it today, in spite of the cold weather.

Also featured in these photos is my new-to-me vintage Scottie dog. When I saw him in an antique store in Monongahela, it was love at first sight. (I may have teared up when my sister suggested leaving him behind...) The shop owner told me that he belonged to a former opera singer now in her eighties. She apparently lives in a massive house filled to the brim with interesting objects and occasionally swings by the shop to sell a few things. I love this little guy so much, and I feel like it's easier to justify purchasing old stuffed toys when they are as tiny as he.

Outfit details:
1930's lace dress via Yesterday's News (a Pittsburgh vintage shop)
Victorian mourning necklace via The Deeps
Coach belt
Nine West heels


  1. Wow that 30s dress is such a darling! Looking great !:)

  2. That dress is heavenly...it reminds me of the Lisbon girls because of how ethereal and lacy it is!
    The little dog is just darling, I'm glad you took him home :) I wonder what other things that lady might cast off to the shop in the future, judging from this little guy she must have a lot of unwanted treasures!

  3. awww, the little dog is so sweet, i don't know if i could have left him behind either, especially after hearing that story about his previous owner!


  4. Oh my god, that dress is so beautiful! I love love love 1930s dresses, and the colour and silhouette are fantastic. It also looks wearable... I only have one but it is quite delicate.

    Wonderful story about the Scottie dog too.. it definitely justifies buying him in my book!