On feedsack dresses and Egyptian shawls

I've been wanting to post pictures of this 30's feedsack dress since I bought it back in October, but it was a really strange length, and almost every seam had a break in it. My mending pile is truly ridiculous at this point, but I finally tackled the dress a couple weeks ago and braved the wind this morning to take a few photos. I love the perfectly faded fabric and the time and care that likely went into cutting apart multiple feedsacks and transforming them into a dress.

In other news, I just had a really wonderful bit of estate sale luck. I paid $2 for a long shawl made of ecru netting embroidered with metal. After doing a bit of research, I learned that this kind of fabric is called Assuit and has been made in Egypt since the late 1800's. Assuit was introduced to the U.S. at the 1893 Chicago Exposition and became really popular after the 1922 discovery of King Tut's tomb. I wish I knew the history of my particular shawl. When exactly was it made, and how did it find its way to Pittsburgh?

What are your best estate sale/flea market/thrift store/etc. finds?

Outfit details:
1930's dress purchased from local vintage sellers Vince and Michelle (and shortened by me)
Thrifted heels


  1. what a gorgeous dress, I love how you've styled it :) xx

  2. My goodness girl, can I be you? This is amazing

  3. What a heavenly dress, you look great.

  4. You look stunning! Probably my favourite find was a little purple velvet pillbox hat with purple feathers. It was poking out from under some things in a locked cabinet. I asked the store to get it out and no one seemed to know how something "not valuable" was in the locked cupboard. It wasn't a total bargain but I just adore it.