Fields of purple

Guys. A couple minutes away from my parents' house there is a lavender farm--technically a lavender, fresh-cut flower, and berry farm--and today my mom, sister, and I visited for their annual Lavender Festival. I had no idea what to expect, but it was gorgeous--rows and rows of fragrant purple flowers tucked away in Washington, Pennsylvania. We made lavender sachets, then sampled lavender-infused honey and lavender blueberry gelato. But my favorite part was heading into the fields where visitors were able to pick their own lavender. My sister took these photos while I wound through the rows, carefully snipping flowers and avoiding the bees.

Outfit details:
1940's dress purchased from local vintage sellers Vince and Michelle
J.Crew seahorse print shirt
Anthropologie sunglasses


  1. These are really lovely photos! Lavender is one of my favourite flowers.

  2. I never knew that existed, I'm putting that on my list of things to do. I love fresh lavender, it has so many uses. Thanks for info!

  3. Oh my how gorgeous! I would love to be snipping lavender in a vintage dress. I wish I could smell through the screen <3. Lovely pictures :)

  4. This yellow skirt is so lovely. Perfect for summer!

    Xo, Hannah