Recital season

I wore this dress to my dance students' year-end recital. When it comes to getting dressed, recitals are weirdly difficult for me. I always feel a little out of place in fancy vintage clothes. Plus, I generally spend most of the evening sitting on the [filthy] floor backstage and sweating as I race around helping kids get dressed and onstage in time. But I had a sudden urge to wear this dress, and since it's been hanging out unworn in my closet for about a year, I figured why not?

This dress is awesome for a number of reasons. First, it cost a whopping 8 bucks, and second, it does not require a bra and reduces my chest to an absolute minimum. It's also pretty unique as far as tiki-print 50's dresses go, what with the enormous bow and unusual straps. Plus, my students really seemed to love it, which is the best way to tell if an outfit is a success.

Outfit details:
1950's dress purchased at an estate sale
J.Crew belt
H&M flats


  1. That dress is absolutely stunning, love the print and the detail at the back!


  2. Love this dress! Hey I'm back from vacation and getting ready for my yard sale. Let me know when you girls might want to come and raid my stash.

  3. What a gorgeous summer dress, you look so lovely. The design detail of the straps makes it extra special.