Macarons and marigolds

This week has been pretty crazy, between my dance studio's dress rehearsals and recitals and a truly absurd amount of schoolwork. Today was a nice break, though. My mom, sister, and I decided to spend the day hitting a few estate sales, buying enormous macarons from a French bakery, drinking coffee, and finally, stopping by a local farm for their annual strawberry festival.

I rarely put any effort into getting dressed on estate sale days, but I decided I wanted to be a bit fancier today. This breezy rayon skirt (printed with columns!) and chambray top with candy-like buttons seemed just right. The top was pretty rumpled by the time I got around to snapping photos, but it seems silly to post only photos of clothes that look barely lived-in.

This year, I convinced one of my senior dance students to use the song Ghosts by Laura Marling for her solo. The music video definitely references the Day of the Dead, and since marigolds are associated with the holiday, my sister suggested that I make my soloist a marigold barrette to wear onstage. Marigolds have been on our minds ever since, so we made sure to pick up a few particularly fluffy-looking ones.

Outfit details:
1960's chambray top via Lawrence
1980's skirt via Allen Co.
Anthropologie sunglasses
Forestbound bag
H&M flats


  1. Lovely! I agree that perfectly-pressed outfit pictures are overrated, I love to see people actually living in their style (not just posing). :) That chambray tank is adorable and versatile, I love tops that button in the back like that.

  2. I really like this outfit! The skirt and top look great together and I like the sunglasses a lot - they remind me of frames from the 1930s! The marigolds are very pretty. I didn't know they were associated with Day of the Dead.

  3. Omg, that skirt is amazing! What a dream! As a Classics scholar I have to say that if you ever decide you no longer need it in your life, please let me be the first to know.