Gay Disguises for Hallowe'en Revelers

At an estate sale a few weeks ago, I bought four issues of a party planning magazine published by Dennison Manufacturing Co. in the 1920's. (The magazine apparently changed names several times. The first three images in this post are from Party Book, 1929, and the last two are from Parties, 1928.) The magazines were hidden in the basement under a pile of dust and are especially cool because they're discards from the Sewickley Public Library. They still have their original borrowing cards stamped with due dates ranging from 1929 through 1966! I have a small collection of vintage costumes, but they aren't nearly as elaborate as the costumes that the magazine insists can be made from only crepe paper and cardboard cutouts! (By the way, clicking on any of the images will open a larger version in a new window.)


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